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Mothers Day Crafts

Ideas for homemade Mother's Day gifts

You don't have to spend a fortune on a present to bring a smile to Mom's face. In fact, many of the best gifts cost very little; it's the heartfelt sentiments behind them that make them extra-special. That's what helps Mother's Day crafts remain among the most enduring and popular gift ideas for this special day.

There are lots of ways you can wish your mom a happy Mother's Day with a homemade craft, and you'll find lots of unique ideas below. No matter which Mother's Day craft ideas you choose, you can accompany your gift with a personalized Mother's Day card!

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

Here are some Mother's Day craft ideas to help you get started:

  • Scrapbooks, collages and photo albums. These are among the easiest yet most appreciated Mother's Day ideas out there. Collect items and pictures that are special to Mom, then present them in a chronological or themed format for her to enjoy.
  • Retrospectives. If Mom is getting on in years, creating a comprehensive life retrospective, with a focus on her family, is sure to be a hit. You can include photos, drawings, newspaper clippings, old wedding invitations, birth notices, and anything else that helps her stroll down memory lane.
  • Mother's Day crafts for children. Young children and grandchildren can also get in on the action by creating "I love you" Mother's Day hearts, bookmarks, memory drawings, window cling patterns, cupcakes, bracelets and jewelry, and more.

More Mother's Day Ideas

Since the day is all about family togetherness, planning some Mother's Day activities is an excellent way to enjoy the fun. Here are some popular Mother's Day games:

  • Tea parties. These are always fun if there are young children or grandchildren who will be taking part in the Mother's Day festivities.
  • Interviews. With a digital recorder, you can sit down with Mom and ask her about all the things you never knew about her: what her life was like when she was a little girl or teenager, what she wanted to be when she grew up, how she met your father, or anything else you might like to know. Record the answers for later use in a scrapbook or homemade memento.
  • Mother's Day plays. If there are lots of kids coming to your gathering, they can put on a simple skit or play written just for Mom!

Cap off the day by taking Mom out to her favorite restaurant, or by spoiling her with a spa package or other relaxing treat!

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