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Super Bowl Party

Kick off a Super Bowl Sunday bash

It's football time! The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to get together with family, friends and all the football lovers in your life with a fabulous Super Bowl party!

Super Bowl Sunday is an exciting day for any football enthusiast, and one of the most anticipated events of the season is the annual Super Bowl bash. Year after year we gather together, donning our team's gear, to eat, drink and compete! If this year is your year to host the Super Bowl event, the following ideas will help you to make the most of this spirited day.

Super Bowl Food

First of all, your food will be of utmost importance. Super Bowl recipes should include items like chips and salsa, cocktail weenies, hot wings, and other snack staples. However, it's also wise to add a few hardy and substantial items to your menu. Consider making a pot of Super Bowl chili to serve with chips and sour cream. This will keep your guests happy and full even when their team is down 14 - nothing! Be sure to keep lots of cold drinks on hand, as well.

Super Bowl Decorations

When it comes to decor, consider decorating with streamers and balloons in team colors and displaying as much football paraphernalia as you can get your hands on, but remember that the most important decorating tip is to ensure that everyone can see the TV. Be sure to place extra seating where it's needed and keep some floor pillows on hand if your guests will be occupying floor space. The purpose of the day is to watch the game, so seating and comfort are a must. If you must use folding chairs, try to get the canvas kind that will cradle your guests. The metal kind will be uncomfortable long before half-time.

Some other quick tips include:

  • Keep lots of coasters on hand, as well as a towel to clean up unexpected spills
  • Organize some activities that correspond with the game
  • Be creative and have some fun with your menu, decor and activities

Above all, try to stay laid back and don't stress – you should enjoy your day as much as your guests. Follow these tips and, win or lose, your Super Bowl party will be remembered as a success - even after the hangover on Groundhog day passes!

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