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Thanksgiving Crafts

Activities and crafts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the food, of course, but this year, inject a little creativity into your get-together with some fun and easy Thanksgiving activities. Bring your family closer by working on a project together while sumptuous smells of home cooking waft through the house.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Print out a line-drawing of a turkey, pilgrim or other fun fall item (or, draw it yourself!) and invite guests to participate in a coloring contest. Make sure you have a variety of crayons, colored pencils and markers available, as well as glue and a variety of garnishes, such as glitter, buttons, feathers or fabric. Ask nonparticipating guests to help judge, and make up categories such as most creative, most colorful, best use of texture, etc. Prizes don't have to be extravagant — an extra piece of dessert or the chance to break the turkey's wishbone would be good rewards.

Thanksgiving Poems

Is your family clumsy with crayons but wizards with words? Ask everyone to write a poem in whatever style and form they'd like. Pick a common theme or select someone or something in the room to be the poems' subject. Not only does a round of poetry writing bring people together and entertain them while dinner is cooking, but the poems make great scrapbooking material, too.

Thanksgiving Games

Trivia is always a hit — get your group to participate in a Thanksgiving-themed trivia contest. Create your own questions by doing some quick online research (sample question: At the first Thanksgiving, who brought the corn?)

A scavenger hunt is also a great way to involve all ages and get them out of the kitchen while important work is being done. Make a list of 25 items, some unusual and some common, for participants to find. Make some of the items personal, such as, "A member of our family who drives a white car." The first one who gathers everything wins a small prize.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Engage your family with a craft-making project or produce your own masterpiece before the big day. One fun craft idea is making your own Thanksgiving centerpiece from a variety of materials — use gourds, construction paper, real leaves or even raw vegetables from your meal! Or, make a seasonal wreath using a base purchased from a craft store, accented with leaves (fake or real), pine cones and other assorted "natural" items found around the yard.

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