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Thanksgiving Decorations

Decorate your home for Thanksgiving

Hanging Christmas decorations is one of the most hallowed holiday traditions, but what about Thanksgiving decorations? This year, brighten up your home with some festive, Turkey Day-themed pieces.

At the Door

The first thing your guests will see is your front door, so why not welcome them in style? A fall wreath is a festive and colorful way to start off your celebration. Select a wreath size that complements, not overwhelms, your door, and choose materials that will withstand the weather in your area. The best part about a Thanksgiving wreath is that it's relatively timeless — you can hang it as soon as the weather turns chilly and keep it displayed until the Christmas wreath is ready.

On the Table

The most obvious area of your home to decorate for Thanksgiving is the dinner table. Inject some creativity into your place settings by mixing and matching fall-colored placemats or napkins (try complementary colors like orange and blue or a monochromatic scheme). Wrap napkins with a string of raffia for a rustic autumn look. Or, get playful with your napkins and fold them into fun shapes — with some patience and stiff material, you can even fashion little turkeys.

A fun and functional decoration is the table centerpiece, which draws together your whole table and sets the mood for your Thanksgiving dinner. Autumn centerpieces are not only widely available for purchase but are also easy to make and make a great Thanksgiving craft for the whole family. Collect some fall leaves (real or fake), acorns (again, real or fake) and fall-blooming flowers like mums or dahlias, and arrange them in a woven cornucopia. Or, fill a cornucopia with gourds, such as small pumpkins and squash, and dried ears of corn. Don't be afraid to also include things like cattails, native grasses or even interesting sticks in your Thanksgiving centerpieces — remember, the more unique it is, the more of an impact it will make.

Around the House

Carry the Thanksgiving theme throughout your home. Arrangements of sunflowers in your living room or guests' bedrooms add bold splashes of color. Autumn leaves can be strewn almost anywhere — on the buffet, on top of the television or on the living room table, for example. Scented candles can also boost the celebratory mood; look for candles that smell like baking cookies, pumpkin pie or exotic spices. (Try soy wax candles for a cleaner burn.)

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