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Valentines Day

A day of romance with your valentine

If you are celebrating this Valentine's Day with a significant other, put some thought into it ahead of time to make the day truly special. Your plans don't need to be expensive or elaborate to impress your valentine; they just need to be genuinely from the heart. Here are some Valentine's Day ideas for any budget:

  • Rather than one big gesture, fill your valentine's day with many little reminders of your love. Leave notes in the bathroom or fridge for him or her to find. Have a single long-stemmed rose delivered at work. Sneak home early to light candles around the house, and put a small but sweet gift on his or her pillow at bedtime.
  • Relive some highlights of your life together by recreating special moments. Return to the scene of your first date, or plan a theme for the evening that recalls a trip or experience you shared. What was the first movie you saw together? What was the common interest that initially attracted you to each other? Women, think of an outfit you wore on an early special occasion with your beau and try to recreate it. It may surprise you, but he'll remember.
  • Whisk your valentine off on a romantic getaway. Book a room at a bed and breakfast or luxury hotel, and forget all about the outside world. Whether it's for a night, a weekend or longer, some time dedicated to each other is guaranteed to recharge the relationship.

Romantic Dinner

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without an intimate dinner for two. There are two different directions to take on this one:

  • Romantic dinner in – Turn down the lights, light some candles and put soft music on the stereo. Prepare a special dinner of your valentine's favorites, or plan a classic romantic menu of creamy seafood pasta with chocolate and strawberries for dessert. Even if you're not a great cook, you can still sweep your valentine off his or her feet and tickle his or her palette with a selection of fine cheeses, high-quality deli meats, artisan bread and gourmet pickles, olives and relishes, followed by fresh fruit and real whipped cream.
  • Romantic dinner out – Book a table at a swanky or trendy restaurant, dress to the nines and get out on the town. Let the chef take care of the menu and let the wait staff tend to the details. All you have to do is savor the food and gaze into one another's eyes. Just a warning, though: Make your reservations well in advance to avoid being disappointed. Any restaurant worth its salt will be booked solid on February 14th.

Valentine's Gifts and Cards

Although your actions are more meaningful than anything that comes from a store, somehow it just seems wrong to meet your valentine without a card and gift in hand. The traditional Valentines Day gifts of flowers, chocolate and jewelry never fail to please. If you're anxious to seem more original, give your valentine something that relates to one of his or her passions. She's a music lover? Get her tickets to see a symphony or a set of high-quality headphones for her mp3 player. He's into motorbikes? Get him a subscription to a motorcycle magazine or an upgrade for his bike.

If you have kids, help them to make valentine crafts to give to friends and family. Equip them with a box of valentines to distribute to their classmates, or make your own with pink index cards, valentine-themed stickers and glitter glue. Even little ones appreciate the sentiment of the holiday, and enjoy a day of expressing fondness for their loved ones.

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