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Valentine Cards

Will you be my valentine?

There is nothing more endearing than a Valentine's Day card. Think back to the first ones you gave out. A few nights before, you and your parents went to the store where you meticulously picked out the right set of valentines for you to write special little notes on and deliver to your classmates on Valentines Day. You debated on who you wanted to have what, and saved the special candies for your best friends and your first crush.

Then remember in class, when you actually passed out these cards to your classmates and friends, saving that last card for your crush. Each moment, the butterflies in your stomach built up more and more as each Valentine's card was passed out. And there it was, in your bag, that solitary card. And there he or she was, waiting in expectation of the deliverance of that card. You saved the best candy for them, you remember that, and also remember the note that you nervously scribbled into the left flap of the card. Maybe it was even a valentine poem, and as you fretfully handed them the card you had the last line of the note inscribed in your head: "Will you be my valentine?" They received it, smiled a little, and opened the card and read the note. After what seemed like decades of anticipation, they looked up at you with a trademark schoolyard smile and nodded their head furiously and gave you their card. It had the exact same question at the end. What an amazing holiday, right?

Whether you're handing out valentines to friends and classmates, celebrating a new romance or affirming your commitment to a spouse, valentine cards can express your feelings of affection, fondness, love or passion. You can brighten anyone's day with a simple message of heart-felt appreciation.

Now, with the Internet, there is more creativity in cards than in the store-bought ones that we had to work with in years past. With the advent of the Internet, a person can actually print out free Valentine's cards to distribute to friends and loved ones. Although the cards are free, valentines in established relationships will still have to spring for the flowers and chocolate to accommodate the expectations of the one they love the most.

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