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Valentine Crafts for Kids

Get crafty for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is an important time for kids as well. Although for them it may not be about romantic love, it is still a day for them to show appreciation to their friends and relatives. It is a time to teach caring and kindness, and to express sentiments from the heart. What better way to do that than by giving gifts of hand-made valentine crafts? Kids love to get creative making things, and they love to proudly present their treasures to loved ones. And for parents, grandparents, teachers and friends, these valentine crafts kids give are truly heartwarming.

The simplest Valentine's Day crafts for kids stick to a heart-shaped theme. Try some of these ideas for easy valentine decorations to make:

  • Valentine wreath – cut the middle out of a paper plate to make a wreath shape. Then, cut different sizes of hearts out of red and pink paper. Glue the hearts in an overlapping pattern onto the paper plate to create a wreath to hang on the door.
  • Valentine stained glass – Cut a large heart out of the center of a piece of red or pink construction paper, and discard the heart, keeping the rest to create a heart-shaped frame. Glue squares of different colors of tissue paper onto a piece of waxed paper to create a stained-glass effect. Then, glue the frame on top of the waxed paper. Display this craft in a window so that the light can shine through.
  • Valentine fridge magnets – Use any kind of play dough or modeling clay, as long as it dries hard. Roll red, pink, or any color of dough flat and cut out heart shapes with a cookie cutter, and then let the shapes dry. Use acrylic paint pens or glitter glue to decorate the hearts or write on valentine messages. Hot glue magnets to the back.

Kids can also make their own valentine cards to hand out in class. Rather than buying a box of valentines featuring Spiderman expressing romantic sentiments, buy some construction paper, paper doilies, pipe cleaners, valentine-themed stickers and glitter glue. Get creative making cards shaped like hearts, butterflies, flowers or Cupid's bow and arrows. Then get goofy coming up with corny lines to write on them.This can be a great activity for a children's Valentines Day Party!

Get busy with some valentine crafts for kids, and chances are you'll find you have a great time doing it, too!

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