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Valentine Gift

Show your love with a romantic gift

Here comes another Valentines Day and you know what that means – finding the right romantic gift as a sign of affection for your significant other – or ending up in the dog house. Choosing the right Valentine's Day gift can be tricky, but knowing your loved one's preferences will go a long way in determining the right Valentine's gift idea. For some a Valentine Day gift basket is perfect, while others may prefer a case of beer, so make sure you keep in mind who you're buying for.


Valentine's Day without chocolate is like Christmas without presents. For the vast majority of people (the rest of you can skip ahead to the next item) receiving a chocolate gift on Valentine's Day is mandatory. If buying chocolate is the only requirement, you'll have more than enough products out there to choose from, including generic candy bars and heart-shaped chocolates. However, since this is Valentine's Day you may wish to go the extra mile and look into buying chocolate truffles or some Belgian chocolate – chocolate lovers will definitely approve!


If your valentine isn't keen on chocolate, or you're looking to make a lasting impression, a jewelry gift may be the answer. Jewelry ranges in price, with fine jewelry and custom jewelry on one end of the spectrum and fashion jewelry on the other; choosing which to go for will depend on personal taste and the budget you have in mind. Jewelry requires more insight into what is most treasured by your valentine: yellow or white gold, hooped or studded earrings, glitzy rings or a simple necklace? Take a peek in her jewelry box for ideas, and avoid making a costly mistake by shopping and guessing at the last minute!


While buying lingerie can be intimidating for many, the benefits of giving and receiving sexy lingerie are obvious; a spiced-up love life lasting weeks after the chocolate or flowers have disappeared. Unless you're confident about the color preference and size requirements of the lingerie, you may want to include your partner in the shopping trip. Silk lingerie will cost more, but is often the most popular choice for these garments.

Valentine Gifts for Men

While less emphasis is placed toward men on this occasion, it's perfectly normal to get men Valentine gifts. Men's expectations are far lower, and most gift ideas don't need to be fancy or special. Many men prefer to receive good food, a case of beer, DVDs, CDs or books rather than jewelry or newfangled underwear. Old-fashioned men may expect to get nothing at all and could be potentially embarrassed by a shower of gifts.

As always, keeping your partner's wants and likes in mind will go a long way when choosing what to get for him or her on Valentine's Day – happy shopping!

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