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Valentines Day Flowers

Symbolic expressions of love and appreciation

While some may feel that giving flowers on Valentines Day is the result of recent commercial trends, the symbolic use of flowers can actually be traced back to ancient Egypt. The custom of giving Valentine's Day flowers is credited to Charles II of Sweden in the 1700s; he brought the Persian text entitled "The Language of Flowers" to Europe, giving rise to the art of Floriography.

Using flowers as language was a way for men and women to communicate in the Victorian era, when voicing certain emotions was frowned upon. Statements could be made with single flowers, or a conversation could be translated from a bouquet. Today, only the meaning behind the rose (passion and romantic love) is well understood, and it remains the most popular Valentine flower.

Whether or not you subscribe to the different meanings of flowers, giving flowers on Valentine's Day is a great way to make someone you care about feel loved and appreciated. Due to the nature of supply and demand, however, it'll cost you more to express yourself with flowers at this particular time of the year. An estimated 110 million roses are sold within a three day period, most of them imported from South America.

If you're looking for cheap Valentine flowers and are willing to avoid roses, you can get a lot more for your money. You can often buy 40 tulips for the price of 12 roses! Other popular Valentine's flowers include daisies, carnations and lilies, any of which should be cheaper than the standard rose.

Pre-order Valentine's Day Flowers

Do yourself a favor and don't wait for the last minute to buy your Valentine's Day flowers. There's a better way to avoid stress, line-ups and wilted leftovers: purchase your flowers in advance. Many stores allow you to pay upfront and pick up your flowers on Valentine's Day without waiting in line or worrying about the selection.

Sending flowers on Valentine's Day may be a cliché, but it's here to stay. Unless you know for a fact that your partner doesn't enjoying getting flowers, you should plan to buy this quintessential Valentine gift. Whether you zig with a dozen sweetheart roses or a solitary long stemmed rose, or zag with a bouquet of daisies, the fact that you send it on Valentine's Day is what counts. After all, men and women have been observing this ritual for centuries; why shouldn't you?

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