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10th Wedding Anniversary

Find a 10th anniversary gift you will always cherish

The 10th anniversary is almost as big of a milestone as the first anniversary -- you have made it ten whole years with your spouse! In this day and age of divorce and break-ups, a 10th wedding anniversary is something to celebrate indeed. Often, ten years can mean a lot to a couple. You've gone through raising children from babyhood to school age, through buying your first home, taking family vacations, and really getting to know the person you have married. You're more than just lovers, now; you're partners, and you're a veteran married couple. This is definitely something to celebrate!

10th Anniversary Wedding Gifts

Traditionally, the 10th anniversary is the tin or aluminum anniversary, which can make it fairly tricky to find gifts that aren't hunks of metal! Most couples prefer not to go with tradition, but if you like the idea of themed gifts like this, then you can give your spouse an aluminum or tin piece of home décor, such as bookends, picture frames, or a piece of sculpture. Other gift ideas can include aluminum watches, jewellery boxes, wine totes and implements, barbecue tools, candles, vases, and games in aluminum tins, or even a tin cup, engraved with the couple's names and wedding date.

If you aren't traditional, many people choose to gift their spouse with jewellery. Diamonds are popular, and many husbands will give their wives another diamond ring, necklace or earrings. Wives may choose to engrave something for their husband to keep, as well.

10th Anniversary Parties

Since this is a big anniversary, many couples choose to throw a 10th anniversary party, as well. 10th anniversary ideas may include a party for close friends or a dinner at the couple's home. Normally, the celebration isn't very big, but it is important to the couple. If you choose to give gifts, you may choose a gift for their home, or a practical gift like a picnic basket or wine glasses. These are always appreciated at 10th anniversary parties and make keepsakes that the couple will remember forever.

The 10th anniversary is a milestone to be proud of! Choose gifts that will last and be meaningful to the couple for years to come.

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