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25th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate this milestone with a 25th anniversary ring

The 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone many couples hope to reach! In a society when one in two couples ends up separating or divorcing, to be married twenty-five years is a really big deal, and something that should be celebrated.

In twenty-five years, you and your spouse may have watched your children grow from babyhood to adulthood. You may have had your problems and issues, dealt with your parents growing older or passing away, and stayed strong as a couple through it all. Twenty-five years is a celebration worth having, and many people choose to give gifts and parties that will be remembered for the rest of the marriage.

25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

When shopping for a gift for your spouse, you'll want to find 25th anniversary gifts that will represent the time that you have spent together and the love that you share. Traditionally, the twenty-fifth anniversary is known as the silver anniversary, and many people choose to follow tradition in this case and give their spouse something that is silver-themed. Generally, this takes the form of jewellery. Silver ID bracelets, silver necklaces with precious stones, and other silver jewellery can make a lovely gift for your spouse.

Many people choose to get their spouse a 25th anniversary ring. This can be a special ring that is designed specifically for your spouse by a jeweller, or a ring that you pick out together. Some people also choose diamond necklaces or earrings to represent their 25th. Other gifts include silver picture frames or heirloom silver tea sets or soup tureens, or even stock in silver. There are many silver-themed gifts to choose from.

Celebrate with a Party

25th wedding anniversary parties are also traditional at this milestone. In some cases, couples may choose to renew their vows at this time. In this case, gifts are appropriate, as they would be at any wedding ceremony. Many couples may have a registry for their 25th anniversary to help, or request charitable donations to be given to their favorite charity. Some people don't choose to renew their vows, but may have a lavish anniversary party at a restaurant or hall so that many people can be invited to celebrate in their joy.

This is an important anniversary, and one of the many milestones to celebrate within a marriage!

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