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40th Anniversary

Celebrate this rare milestone with a 40th anniversary traditional gift

The 40th wedding anniversary -- many people don't even see this anniversary, because it's a rare one, indeed. With people getting married later and later in life, and people getting divorced much more frequently, the 40th anniversary is a special, rare milestone that should be celebrated. When you are celebrating your fortieth, you have come through a lifetime together. Your children are grown and maybe getting married themselves. You may be both retired and looking forward to spending time together and learning more about each other at this stage of your lives. Either way, this is a time for celebration and for being with friends and family who have been with you at every step of your lives.

40th Anniversary Ideas

Many people choose to throw a party at the 40th anniversary because it's so special and rare. Whether it's a party with close friends at a hall or restaurant, or a big party on a yacht or away at a resort, you can make your party special. Traditionally, the 40th anniversary is known as the ruby anniversary, which means that many people choose to incorporate ruby colours into their party favours and decorations. Ruby glitter, dark red decorations and flowers can set the tone for this traditional anniversary. It is also traditional for the gifts between the couples to incorporate a ruby.

40th wedding anniversary party ideas can include a themed party, a traditional party at a restaurant, or even a small get together at home. Many people choose to renew their vows on this day, as well, which can make for a big celebration with family and friends from far away, as well. Destination wedding vow renewals are becoming popular, and can create a unique experience.

Choosing a 40th Anniversary Gift

Many people choose to give a 40th anniversary traditional gift, which can be presented at the party or later, when the couple is alone together. 40th anniversary gifts can include jewellery, ruby red or cranberry glass gifts, which can also be antiques and very valuable, presenting ruby-red flowers, such as roses, or a poem written in ruby red ink and displayed in a red frame. There are many different things that you can do to show your love for your partner, whether you prefer conventional or unique anniversary gifts.

The ruby anniversary is a rare and important one. Celebrate your long and fruitful marriage with your family and friends!

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