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50th Wedding Anniversary

The rarest and most special anniversary of all -- the 50th anniversary

While all anniversaries are very special, the 50th wedding anniversary is in a class of its own. It's almost unheard of for couples to celebrate this very rare milestone, due to one spouse passing away, divorce, or couples just marrying too late to get to fifty years of marriage. Those that do get a chance to celebrate this anniversary can look back on a long and fruitful marriage, full of love, children, and successes, as well as things that needed to be worked on. They are the true veterans of marriage and are often some of the happiest people around! This is a celebration that is very special -- the 50th anniversary is a milestone to be proud of.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party

To properly celebrate this anniversary, many people choose to throw a 50th anniversary party. This can be anything from a small get-together with friends to a lavish affair, complete with band, food, and party favours. Many people choose to renew their vows on this anniversary, but many choose to skip that part and simply celebrate being together. Friends and family are generally invited to this event, and anniversary cards or gifts are normally welcome. However, many people choose not to ask for gifts and instead ask for donations to a favourite charity instead, or even just want to celebrate without the hassle of gifts.

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gifts

The 50th anniversary is the golden anniversary, and many people choose 50th anniversary gifts that incorporate gold. A gold and diamond ring is popular, or golden flowers, such as yellow roses, are great gifts to give. Many people also choose to give the couple anniversary gifts that celebrate the 50th -- champagne glasses, for example, with 50 engraved on them, or special heirloom gifts may be good gifts to give a couple celebrating this anniversary. More often, these couples just want their friends and family with them to celebrate.

While all anniversaries are celebrations that should be recognized in their own right, when you've hit the 50th, you've hit one of the best and most special anniversaries. Celebrate it with a unique and meaningful gift and celebration so that your marriage can get the recognition it deserves.

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