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Anniversary Parties

Celebrate your big day with an anniversary party

Wedding anniversaries are exciting celebrations, and many people not only want to celebrate them with their spouses, but also with friends and family. Anniversary parties are great ways to do this, especially when you can gather your close family and friends together to celebrate, people who have been supporting you as a couple for as long as you've been married. However, anniversary parties take quite a bit of planning, so you should have an idea of what you want to do before starting out.

Anniversary Party Ideas

Before sending the invitations, consider what kind of party you want. Will it be a themed party, or will it be a small get together at a restaurant or hall? Themed parties can be fun, but also expensive. Take into account the anniversary you are celebrating, too. Are you also going to want to renew your vows before or at your party? This should give you some idea of what kind of party you want to throw. If it is a destination vow renewal, then be sure to let your guests know in advance that travel will be required to celebrate with you. Also, the venue will need to be booked, sometimes well in advance.

Anniversary Party Invitations

Now that you know what kind of party you want, it's time to pick out the invitations you will send. Handmade invitations are a nice gesture, but if you have more than 20 people you want to invite, handmaking them all can be time-consuming. You may consider buying a generic invitation from a card store, or a unique one from an online retailer or someone who makes handicrafts. If you are having a themed party, your invitation should match your theme. Be sure to put in all pertinent information and consider including a map to help your guests find your party easily. If you are asking guests to stay at a hotel or motel, let them know prices and location, too.

Anniversary Party Favors

Many people choose to give their guests party favors as a way to say thank you for the anniversary gifts and travel required to get to their party. A party favor doesn't have to be expensive -- in fact, chocolates or a small framed picture of the couple can be perfect -- but if you are having more than 20 people, it can get expensive. Many people choose unique party favors, like wedding favors, because they can get a discount on a lot of them. Wine stoppers, picture frames, chocolates, flowers and more can be chosen online or from a wedding store. If you are shopping online, ensure your favors and invitations are shipped in plenty of time for the party.

Anniversary parties are great ways to celebrate the special milestones in your marriage. Plan well and you will have no hassle when it's time to party!

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