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Baby Shower

Tips for planning a baby shower

A baby shower is a time for togetherness among friends as an expectant mother prepares to bring a new life into the world. Planning a baby shower can be complex, but if you form a plan and approach the task systematically, you can put together an event that will be a hit both with the guests and the mother-to-be.

A recommended approach is to break down the task of planning a baby shower into a timeline, creating a checklist. This ensures that nothing is left to chance, nobody is left behind and the big day runs smoothly.

Planning a Baby Shower

Here is how you might break down the planning of a baby shower:

  • Two months ahead of time: Choose a date, set a budget, create a guest list and select a location.
  • One month ahead of time: Create a menu and send out the baby shower invitations. Choose baby shower themes, and be sure to get input on the baby shower idea from the mother-to-be.
  • Three weeks ahead of time: Order a cake and make reservations with a local rental company if you need tables, chairs or other decorations.
  • Two weeks ahead of time: Plan the games and confirm with the catering company to ensure everything is on schedule.
  • One week ahead of time: Wrap the gifts and tally up the RSVPs to create a final guest list. Adjust your menu as needed. Buy paper plates, plastic cutlery and other basic party supplies.
  • The day before the shower: Decorate the baby shower venue, do any baking or cooking that you need to get done and make sure the games are ready to go. It's also a good idea to draw up a rough timeline for the big day so you can be sure to fit in everything that you planned.
  • The day of the shower: Pick up any last-minute items you may need, such as ice or mixers for the punch. Relax, be at the location early to ensure you're there to greet guests, and get everyone comfortable as they arrive.

Have fun and enjoy this special celebration of friendship and togetherness!

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