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Baby Shower Favors

Some classic baby shower favor ideas

While baby shower favors are entirely optional, they do make a nice touch if you have the budget to include them. A token baby shower party favor gives guests a memento of the afternoon or evening, and can also be used as prizes for those who win the baby shower games. From edible treats to sentimental tokens of appreciation, you have nearly endless options at your fingertips. If you're looking for baby shower favor ideas, there are plenty of inexpensive options out there for you to explore.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

If there is a theme for your baby shower, it's best if you arrange it so that the baby shower favors you choose reflect that theme somehow. If you're just looking for general ideas, here are some that you might want to include:

  • Corsages. A baby shower corsage is a classic choice of party favor. If you wish, you can individualize these for each guest by including their name on the ribbon.
  • Cookie cutters. Passing out cookie cutters, each in the shape of a baby-themed item like a pacifier, baby booties or baby bottles, is an idea that appears on many lists of the most popular baby shower party favors.
  • Cookies. These make excellent companion favors if you're handing out cookie cutters; one other idea is to make personalized fortune cookies, each with a special message for the people who attended the party.
  • Bath items. Giving out specialized bars of soaps, bath oils, scented lotions or other pampering products is always appreciated. Remember -- the baby shower favors are for the guests and don't have to be baby-oriented.
  • Tea. Sample bags of herbal, black or green tea make excellent baby shower party favors. You can even create tea samplers that include several bags, each containing a different type of tea.

You can also get creative with your baby shower party favors and save some money by creating themed items, like mom-and-baby word searches or crossword puzzles, and tiny baby booties filled with candy.

Presenting the favors in baby shower favor bags is a nice touch that protects the favor and makes for easy safekeeping. If you like, you can have personalized ribbons with the name of the expectant mother and the date of the baby shower printed up and used as ties.

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