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Baby Shower Food

Loads of baby shower food ideas

Baby shower food is one of the focal points of the event, and coming up with a menu means a lot of stress for many shower planners. Don't fret, though -- by keeping a few points of advice in mind as you put together your plan, you can calm your worries and be confident that you'll serve up something delicious to please everyone in attendance.

As a matter of practicality, start by taking stock of the basics: look at who is coming, figure out whether guests have any dietary restrictions, and form your plan to feed everyone from there.

Practical Advice for Baby Shower Menu Planning

Here's what you need to consider before you even start to think about food:

  • Numbers. Keep tabs on the number of people who have indicated they plan to attend the party; this will help you determine how much food to make or order. Baby shower buffets are a great idea to feed a large number of guests.
  • Dietary restrictions. It's a good idea to offer at least one or two filling vegetarian or vegan options, just to make sure everyone has plenty to choose from no matter what they eat.
  • Themes and party favors. If there is a specific theme to the party decorations or favors, you may want to reflect this in the type of food you serve.

  • Food preparation. Who is going to prepare the food: guests, or a caterer? It can be tricky to get enough helping hands together to prepare all the baby shower food, but on the other hands, caterers can be pricey. Many party planners end up splitting the difference.

Popular Baby Shower Food Ideas

There are a few foods and drinks that are served at practically every baby shower:

  • Finger foods. These help ward off hunger until the main meal is ready to be served.
  • Punch. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties are commonly served at baby showers.
  • Cake. For dessert, baby shower cakes are a must. If you're feeling adventurous, order a baby shower diaper cake -- these are great fun at showers with easygoing themes!

Building your menu around these essentials honors tradition while making the task of planning easy and simple.

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