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Baby Shower Games

Looking for baby shower game ideas?

No matter what theme you choose, baby shower games are an essential part of the entertainment. Icebreakers, guessing games and baby-themed variations on common party games are all popular choices, and get everyone at the party involved.

The simplest icebreaker is to go around the room and have each guest introduce themselves and explain how it is that they know the expectant mother. This will get everyone comfortable with one another and help the fun flow freely as the event progresses, so don't forget to include an icebreaker with your party planning.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Once all the guests know each other, it's time to delve into the games! Here are some popular free baby shower games:

  • Guess mummy's tummy size. Have each party guest write down their guess of how large the expectant mother's tummy has become, and collect the guesses. Then, measure the mom-to-be's tummy and award prizes to those whose guesses were closest.
  • Pin the sperm on the egg. This fun variation on "pin the tail on the donkey" is great fun for baby showers both large and small. It's one of the best free printable baby shower games out there.
  • Diaper tag team. Pair off the guests into teams of two, and use a stop watch to time each team at pinning a diaper on a baby doll. The fastest team can win a prize!
  • Happy birthday to baby. This is a more intimate game, best played at smaller showers with an intimate circle of close friends and family. Distribute pens and paper to each guest, and have them write down a greeting for the baby's birthday, welcoming him or her to the world. When the child gets older, these well-wishes can be given to him or her as a birthday gift.
  • Name the baby items. This may seem simple, but it's actually very challenging. Give each guest a pad and pencil, and ask them to write down as many baby-related items as they can think of. It's not that hard to get the obvious ones, but the winners of the game will have to rack their brains to outdo everyone else!

As part of the entertainment, it's common to offer baby shower prizes to those who win the games. They don't have to be elaborate or expensive -- some simple prizes so guests can take home a memento of the party will do just fine.

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