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Baby Shower Gifts

Give a cuddly baby gift

The opening of presents is one of the highlights of any baby shower. It's a time where friends and family gather to give the mom-to-be the essential things she'll need as she prepares for motherhood. Selecting a baby gift isn't always easy, though, so if you're wondering what you should get, there are a few tips to follow to ensure you give a gift that will be useful and appreciated.

The person planning the baby shower should create a gift registry, so those attending the party know what is and is not needed. If there is a registry, this should be noted on the baby shower invitations so that guests know who to contact regarding the gift registry and how to make sure they don't double up on a specific item. Then, decide whether you want to get something for the baby or something for the mother; if there is a specific theme to the shower, this will also help to provide you with some direction.

Popular and Unique Baby Gift Ideas

If you need some guidance to start your shopping, here are some specific ideas for baby gifts:

  • Baby gift baskets -- these contain a selection of essentials, including bath and baby care products, diaper essentials and mealtime items.
  • Baby safety gifts -- given that home safety is essential when there are newborns and infants toddling around, giving safety gifts, such as baby gates and socket protectors, is always appreciated.
  • Books -- it's never too early to start reading to children, though you can also give the mom-to-be books on parenting tips, especially if she is a first-time mother.
  • Playtime gifts -- baby toys always make a great gift idea.
  • Personalized baby gifts -- if you know the sex and name of the child, you can get embroidered onesies or other personalized baby toys or items of clothing.

You can also pool your money together with some of the other people attending the party to get the mom-to-be a larger and more extravagant item. A bassinette, baby stroller or furniture for the nursery are all examples of items that you and few others could get together and split.

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