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Baby Shower Invitations

How to make baby shower invitations

As any party planner knows, there's a lot more to baby shower invitations than simply deciding who to invite. Baby shower invitations offer an opportunity to set the tone and theme for the event and provide essential information to the invitees.

In terms of must-have info, baby shower invitations should indicate the time, date and location of the event, and also give instructions on how and when to RSVP. If there is a registry of baby shower gifts, this information should also be included. Beyond these essentials, there is plenty of room for creativity and fun.

Creating Baby Shower Invitations

First, as a piece of etiquette advice, you should create the invite list with some direct input from the mother to be. This ensures you don't leave out someone important or invite someone that the guest of honor would rather not have in attendance.

Baby shower invitation wording has given more than one party planner fits, but it's actually fairly straightforward if you keep a few tips in mind. First, be brief and to the point. You don't want to bury important information is walls of text. Second, keep it cute and light; this is a fun occasion and the baby shower invitation wording shouldn't be too formal. Finally, consider including ready-made or uniquely composed baby shower poetry to help set the tone for the event. Baby shower poems are widely available from online public domain sources, but it adds an extra-special personal touch if you write your own.

The baby shower invitations should be sent out well in advance of the event. Allow at least one month to six weeks for guests to receive their invitations and respond. As the RSVPs come in, be sure to keep close tabs on who is attending and who is not so that you keep an accurate head count for the caterers, cooks and bakers. You may also need to rent party supplies, such as tables and chairs, so knowing how many people are expected to attend will help you stay within your budget and prevent the needless expenditure of extra money. Then, send out reminders, via email or regular mail, about two weeks in advance of the shower so those who are attending can circle the date and their calendars.

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