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Get ready for back to school

Preparing for back to school means saying goodbye to summer, and that's never an easy thing to do. Even so, you don't want to leave your back to school shopping for the last minute, and nobody wants to start the school year in the teacher's bad books. To make sure you're ready when the warning bell sounds, it's important to make comprehensive and categorized lists of school supplies and must-have back to school fashions. A well-planned shopping trip will get you off on the right foot, and that can make a big difference when you step into classroom.

Plan Your Back to School Shopping

Until the day you put on that graduation cap and gown, you'll have to deal with back to school year in and year out. Spend some time browsing the flyers you'll get in the mail and with your daily newspaper to find out which local retailers are offering the best prices on the school supplies you need, and then plan a day or two of shopping. It often works better to make two trips to the mall: one for your back to school fashions and another to take care of your school supply list.

Must-Have School Supplies and Products

Once you've found the back to school sales with the best bargains, make lists to ensure you don't forget anything. Since back to school sales offer the best savings, now is the time to get as much as you'll need for the year!

There are a few essentials you simply can't go without, whether you're in elementary school, high school or college. These include loose-leaf notepaper and binders (affordable) and multi-subject notebooks (more expensive). Laptops can be very good for taking notes or recording lectures, but you shouldn't outright abandon pens and paper: charts, graphs and stats can be tricky to render accurately using a word processor.

Of course, you'll also needs pens, a scientific calculator (if you're taking math) and a pencil set (if you're taking art). Elementary school-aged children should also purchase some basic coloring supplies, like colored pencils and markers. If not exactly sure which supplies you'll need, or if you're starting at a new school, you can also contact a school official for a school supply list of recommended items.

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