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Baptism Invitation

Create your own christening invitations

Baptisms and christenings are times for family togetherness, where everyone can celebrate the first major event in the new baby's life. It's common for parents to host baptism parties for family and close friends, and if you want to hold such an event, creating baptism invitations is one of the first things that will appear on your to-do list.

Christening invitations can be purchased ready-made from both traditional and online retailers, but you can also create your own online using simple tools that allow for plenty of uniqueness and creativity.

Create Baptism Invitation Cards

You can use Web-based tools to create your own christening invitations. Simply choose from a library of ready-made images and clipart, or upload your own photos if you want to personalize the invitations with images of your baby or family. Then, create the invitation's text using your choice of fonts and decide on a layout. The simplest layout is to put the image on the front of the card, perhaps with a simple message, and the text on the inside of the card.

Baptism invitation wording is something many people worry about when creating their own invitations. Just keep things simple: provide the time and place of the event and indicate that would prefer an RSVP. You should also indicate that baptism gifts are optional, just so people don't feel compelled to bring a gift if they aren't financially able.

When you are ready to print out the invitations, you have several options. If you have your own color printer and haven't chosen rich and highly detailed images, you can print them yourself. Some printers can take heavier paper and card stock, which will lend your invitations a little more authenticity, or you can bring them to a local print shop on a USB stick or hard drive so they can be rendered professionally.

Send out the baptism invitations at least one month to six weeks in advance. This will give your guests plenty of time to RSVP and make any necessary plans to accommodate the event on their schedules or travel in from out of town.

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