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Christening Favors

Baptism favors for a christening party

If you're hosting a baptism or christening party, offering your guests christening favors is an optional but classy gesture. Baptism favors provide the people who attended this important event with a much-appreciated memento of the occasion and are an inexpensive way of thanking the attendees for taking the time to be a part of this special day.

Christening favors can be bought ready-made, or you can make them on your own with a few simple christening favor supplies. Regardless of which you prefer, here are a few christening favor ideas to get you started.

Ideas for Baby Baptism Favors

Keep costs down yet avoid sending guests home empty-handed with these simple baptism party favors:

  • Baptism favor bags. To make these, simply pick up some favor bags from your local party supply store and fill them up with a selection of token gifts; chocolates, photos of the baby and homemade or ready-made snacks are perfect inclusions.
  • Baby bottles. You can fill baby bottles with bath salts or other pampering products if you'd like to give your guests something they can use on their own. Candles can also be inserted into baby bottles for cute accessories for your friends to take home.
  • Ribbons. Announce that "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" with the date of the baptism or christening and the baby's name as an inexpensive keepsake. You can also create custom-made measuring tapes with this information on it as well.
  • Place cards and photo frames. As with baptism invitations, you can create your own place cards online using simple software and print them off. You can include pictures of the baby when you hand these out, which guests can optionally remove and place in their own photo albums if they'd like to use the frames for other purposes.
  • Sweets. Things like candied peanuts and sugared almonds make excellent party favors for guests of both sexes.

If guests have brought baptism gifts, it is in good taste to provide them with favors in return. You don't have to be extravagant or spend a lot of money for your guests to appreciate the gesture.

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