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Find the perfect baptism gown

A child's christening or baptism is a landmark event in his or her young life, and christening gowns are often one of the centerpieces of the occasion. Choosing a christening outfit or baptism outfit requires careful consideration of a wide range of factors that go beyond the style of the gown or dress; also, if you're participating in a religious ceremony, you should check with your priest or minister to see if your denomination has any special requirements or restrictions regarding baptism gowns.

Choosing a Christening Outfit

Here is a comprehensive list of the things you should take into account when choosing christening gowns:

  • Style. Here, you have to major choices: to be traditional or modern. Traditional christening dresses and gowns make use of natural fabrics, like cotton and silk, and are usually understated and neutral. Modern styles include christening tuxedos for boys and extravagant, detailed baptism dresses for girls.
  • Climate. What's the weather expected to be like when your child is christened? If it's going to be hot, choose breathable, light fabrics; if it's going to be cold, choose an outfit that gives your child an extra layer of warmth.
  • Color. While white is the most common color for a baptism outfit, you don't have to conform to tradition, provided you have the blessing of your priest or minister. Yellow, pink (for girls) and blue (for boys) make excellent alternatives.
  • Fit. In most cases, a loose and flowing fit is best for baptism outfits. However, you can opt to go with a more form-fitting option if that is what you'd prefer -- just make sure to prioritize the baby's comfort.
  • Accessories and accentuations. Girls' christening dresses are typically accentuated with lace, ribbons and other accessories, and children of both sexes are often given hats to wear on the occasion of their baptism. In terms of style, you can also get crochet christening gowns for both boys and girls that offer a unique and unusual look if you want to go beyond traditional accentuations.

Christening gowns and accessories also make great baby shower gifts, if you know the child's sex and the approximate age at which he or she will be christened.

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