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Bar Mitzvah Invitations

How to create bar and bat mitzvah invitations

The bar and bat mitzvah invitations you send speak volumes about the upcoming event, and create lasting impressions that the guests you've invited will remember. Thus, you should make careful choices when it comes to paper or card stock, color, design and bar mitzvah invitation working, as these elements all work together to create a very distinct effect for the upcoming event, which marks one of the most important moments in a young Jewish person's life.

Styles of Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations

There are numerous stylistic options available when it comes to designing the bat and bar mitzvah invitations. Some of the considerations you'll want to make include:

  • Paper. You can choose textured, embossed, matte, glossy or recycled paper, or card stock.
  • Theme. This is primarily a religious event, even in more secular branches of Judaism. Thus, an appropriate theme and image system might include the Torah or the famous tree of life design for bar mitzvah invitations.
  • Presentation. Options here include single-faced or one-sided bar and bat mitzvah invitations as well as folded, layered, square or triangular layouts.
  • Colors. These should match the design theme you've chosen for the event. To be on the safe side, stick to neutral colors and tones including black, white, gray, beige and shades of brown.

Bat and Bar Mitzvah Invitation Wording

In most bar and bat mitzvah party invitations, there are two parts to consider as far as wording goes. First, most invitations include an opening verse which covers basic information such as the nature of the event as well as the name of the candidate. The second is a concluding verse and usually indicates the date, time, venue and special instructions for RSVPing.

Generally, it is not necessary to include any reference to bar mitzvah gifts in the invitation, unless you want to specifically convey that they aren't necessary at all. In most cases, guests will assume that a gift of some sort would be an appreciated but unrequired gesture, and if they are financially able to make a contribution, they will do so without needing to be told.

In lieu of a gift, some guests may prefer to make a charitable donation in the name of the bar or bat mitzvah candidate. If this is an option, you may say so on the invitation if you wish.

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