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40th Birthday

Loads of 40th birthday party ideas

If someone's 40th birthday is approaching, it's time to come up with a great idea for a party that will rank among the best birthdays he or she has ever had. This is a milestone occasion that calls for a special celebration. Looking back on their lives, many people say that their 40s were the best years, so welcome them with a bang! Coming up with 40th birthday party ideas and unique 40th birthday gifts isn't always easy, though, and you're not alone if you're seeking a helping hand to find inspiration.

40th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties never go out of style. Here are some ideas for an unforgettable 40th:

  • Year of birth parties. Deck out the party venue in the trappings of the birthday person's decade of birth, and have all the guests wear clothing that hearkens back to that era.
  • The bucket list party. Give the celebrant a chance to cross something off his or her "bucket list" of things to do in life. Of course, if you don't already have an idea of what some of these things might be, you should make casual queries so he or she doesn't suspect you're planning a party.
  • College days. Have the guests dress in their college gear, maybe bring a keg of draught beer and party like you were still 21! This is a fun and enjoyable way to remind the person celebrating their birthday that they're still young at heart -- many people feel angst about turning 40, and your party should try to neutralize any such feelings.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

The perfect 40th birthday present isn't easy to find. Some people opt for presents that the person can use in his or her career, while others focus on their hobbies or extracurricular interests as sources of ideas. These strategies can pay off, but a 40th birthday present should be equal parts practical and sentimental.

Gag gifts are also popular on 40th birthdays. A walker or cane and bifocals, perhaps? Or a custom-made "over the hill" T-shirt? These are just a couple of ways you can have some fun with the birthday man or woman while keeping things light and fun.

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