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50th Birthday

Welcome someone special to their 50s

A person's 50th birthday is a major life event, and you should plan a special party in honor of the occasion. There are plenty of unique ways to honor a person's 50th birthday, but first, you might need some help coming up with 50th birthday gift ideas.

Traditional 50th birthday presents include jewelry and keepsakes. Of course, you can also give a 50th birthday gag gift or 50th birthday gifts that are in line with the party theme, so planning the perfect party and finding the perfect present may go hand-in-hand.

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some ideas for a 50th birthday celebration for the ages:

  • "This Is Your Life". Just like the popular game show, this variation on the surprise party can revolve around guessing which people are in attendance by providing the guests of honor with clues. As he or she guesses, the person can spring forward, offer congratulations and give a gift. This idea is great fun for everyone!
  • Teen parties. The further one gets from his or her teens, the more one yearns to occasionally relive those carefree days -- so why not do just that at a 50th birthday party? Have everyone dress in the kind of clothes they'd have worn when they were young, play popular music from 35 years ago and play games like "spin the bottle" and "truth or dare."
  • Imitation parties. Get the partygoers to dress up like the guest of honor and ape his or her mannerisms and speech patterns -- after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery! You can even loan the people coming to the party some of the guest of honor's old clothes to add that extra touch of authenticity to the mix.

Of course, ideas like the "bucket list party," in which the birthday person does something he or she has always dreamed of, or experience and adventure parties also make excellent 50th birthday gifts and celebration ideas.

Many people enjoy reminiscing and reconnecting with old friends, so start the party planning early and reach out to people that the birthday person is close to but may not have seen in a long time. Togetherness is what makes any birthday truly special, and it's the best gift you can give.

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