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Birthday Cakes

Tempting birthday cake ideas

Birthday cakes have long been among the most popular ways to express love and affection for the special people in your life. While there are literally thousands of birthday cake ideas, they can all be grouped into two basic categories: homemade birthday cakes and professionally made cakes. Standard birthday cake recipes form the basis of homemade cakes, which can be frosted and decorated to taste, while professional bakers use their sublime birthday cake decorating skills to craft creations that sometimes rise to the level of art.

Birthday Cake Ideas

Looking at birthday cake pictures, both online and in cookbooks, home living magazines and other sources, can help you generate ideas. In addition, you can think about general themes to help you find the perfect cake. Here are some suggestions:

  • Character cakes. These are very popular for children's birthday parties. Best left to the professionals, character birthday cakes can be made to resemble favorite book, movie or story characters in the child's favorite flavors and colors.
  • Shape cakes. There are endless variations on shape cakes; you can order birthday cakes in the shape of a favorite animal or pet, vehicle, symbol or place.
  • Sports cakes. If the birthday person is a fan or player of a particular sport, you can make a cake in the shape of equipment or images commonly associated with the game they love: footballs, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and so on.
  • Theme cakes. A theme cake is centered around a general idea: a decade, a moment in time or the recognition of a milestone birthday. These cakes can also be topped off with accentuations, like birthday cake flowers or unique icing or frosting patterns.

If you're going to arrange for birthday cake delivery, be sure to place your order early to avoid disappointment and ensure your cake is ready on the big day. It is best to order at least two weeks ahead of time, but leaving one month or even more is the best way to make sure the bakery has enough time to create the perfect cake. Allow more time for extravagant or especially complex or intricate orders.

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