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Birthday Cards

Send birthday wishes the classic way

Birthday cards are an iconic way to send greetings to a loved one, and along with gifts and a cake, they are the most recognizable ways to celebrate and honor a person's birthday. The history of birthday greeting cards extends back well over a century, to England, where the practice of sending greeting cards on New Year's Day was first extended to birthdays. Greeting cards themselves are thousands of years in the making, and were sent by both the ancient Chinese and ancient Egyptians.

Today, there are many modern variants on the classic birthday card, which you can take advantage of to send good birthday wishes no matter where in the world you may be.

Online Birthday Cards

As with Christmas cards, party invitations and just about every other form of greeting, there are now electronic versions that haven't quite replaced traditional birthday cards but are seen by many as the next best thing. If you aren't able to get to the store in time, or if you're a long way away from the person celebrating their birthday, then sending an e-card in remembrance of their birthday is a thoughtful and fun way to say hello. They can be customized, and best of all, most options you'll encounter are free birthday cards.

A New Take on the Traditional Birthday Card

You can also use Web-based software to customize your birthday greetings. Online editors allow you to upload images, or choose photographs and images from a preexisting database. You can then design the layout of the card and add text to express sincere, funny or romantic sentiments. These printable birthday cards can then be rendered on your own printer, or at a professional print shop.

Of course, traditional birthday greeting cards are still sent in large numbers. Today, you'll find more options than ever before, from birthday cards for children with elaborate pop-ups to greeting cards that play music or even tell jokes. Paying a visit to your local greeting card retailer or shopping online will yield hundreds of options, one of which is sure to be the perfect way to send birthday greetings to that special someone.

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