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Birthday Flowers

Send a birthday bouquet

Sending birthday flowers is always a thoughtful gesture. You can order birthday flower delivery from local florists or through an online service as a sure way to put a smile on the face of your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife; many florists let you choose from a selection of prearranged birthday bouquets and also give you the option of building your own.

If you want to create your own birthday flower gift, incorporating traditional birth flowers is an excellent idea. There are flowers associated with each month of the year (and with each sign of the zodiac), and you can use these flowers as the basis on which to build a unique arrangement.

Birthday Flowers by Month

You can send birthday flowers by building a bouquet using these traditional birth flowers and their associated meanings:

  • January: Snowdrop or carnation (love and purity)
  • February: Primrose or violet (modesty, virtue, distinction; faithfulness, hope, wisdom)
  • March: Daffodil (respect and rebirth)
  • April: Daisy, peony or sweet pea (innocence, loyalty and gratitude; simplicity and modesty)
  • May: Hawthorne or lily of the valley (sweetness, humility, chastity)
  • June: Rose (gratitude, appreciation, love)
  • July: Delphinium or larkspur (light, sweet, inspiring)
  • August: Gladiolus or poppy (loyalty)
  • September: Morning glory, aster or forget-me-not (love and magic; patience and remembrance)
  • October: Calendula (grace)
  • November: Chrysanthemum (cheerfulness, abundance, friendship)
  • December: Holly or narcissus (high esteem and sweetness; beauty)

Birthday Flowers by Sign

Each zodiac sign also has birth flowers associated with it, you if you want to send birthday flowers to someone with a knack for astrology, refer to this list of flowers and their sign-related meanings:

  • Aquarius: Orchid (curious and inventive)
  • Pisces: Water lily (perceptive and spiritual)
  • Aries: Honeysuckle (sensitive)
  • Taurus: Poppy (love of sharing)
  • Gemini: Lavender (ideal and insightful)
  • Cancer: Accanthus (sensitive)
  • Leo: Sunflower (warm and open)
  • Virgo: Morning glory (thoughtful and reflective)
  • Libra: Rose (truth in all things)
  • Scorpio: Chrysanthemum (surprising and multilayered)
  • Sagittarius: Narcissus (influential and beautiful)
  • Capricorn: Carnation (order and organization)

You can use these ideas as the basis for building a beautiful and meaningful bouquet of birthday flowers for the special lady in your life.

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