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Birthday Gift for Her

Find a birthday gift for the special lady in your life

Whereas many men prefer practical gifts, a lot of women enjoy getting gifts that are sentimental and romantic. This is not to say that birthday gifts for her need to be sappy and impractical, but as a general rule, a good birthday gift for her is equal parts useful and emotional. Keeping this in mind is a good starting point for generating ideas for women's birthday gifts; from there, you can narrow down your options and choose a gift that will put a smile on the special lady's face.

Find a Birthday Gift for a Woman

Here are some ideas for special and unique birthday gifts for the lady in your life:

  • Pampering gifts. Spa treatments, massage or aromatherapy sessions and beauty treatments make great birthday gifts for mom. If you're looking for birthday gifts for your girlfriend, then splurging on that dress or handbag she didn't want to spend the money on or buying her the perfume she's always wanted might be just the ticket.
  • Romantic birthday gifts. Did you know that you can name a star after someone special? It's one of the newest and most romantic birthday gifts on the market. If you're looking for a birthday gift for your wife, you should also think back to the early days of your courtship; was there a special place or special event that brought you together? If so, giving a gift that hearkens back to those passionate early days can reignite the spark that you two have always shared.
  • Sentimental gifts. Sometimes, the best birthday gifts for mom are those that let her know how special and valued she is. One example of a technique you can use is to interview your mom as part of your Mother's Day gift; ask her about her childhood, her hopes and dreams, and how she met your father; then, you can use the information you gained to shop for the perfect birthday present. If you do this as part of a Mother's Day celebration, she'll never see it coming when you follow up on her birthday.

As always, start shopping early. The more time you allow to find the perfect gift, the better your chances of wowing your special lady on her birthday.

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