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Create or order birthday invitation cards

The birthday invitations you choose go a long way toward setting the tone for a day or evening of fun. If you're the one taking care of them, your first step is to choose the format. You can send an online birthday party invitation, create your own cards, or order invitations from a professional printer or online retailer. In any event, be sure to cover all the basics: where and when the party begins and ends, how to RSVP, what to wear and what to bring.

Create Your Own Invitations

Sending free birthday party invitations online is fast and easy. You have two options: send electronic invitations, or use Web-based software to create printable birthday invitation cards.

Electronic invites or "e-vites" are convenient options for free birthday party invitations. Simply select a backdrop from hundreds of different themes, create an invite list using email addresses, and use online tools to manage invitations and RSVPs.

However, e-vites are only practical if everyone on the guest list has email access. For a kids birthday, for example, you may be better off creating your own birthday invitation cards.

To do this, you can use online software that lets you add images, either from a preexisting database or by uploading your own, and using formatting wizards to place elements, create text and finalize the design. If your printer is capable of rendering your creation, you can print them off in the comfort of your own home and pop them right in the mail. To keep your costs for these printable birthday invitations at a minimum, don't add color graphics or complex images; instead, choose simple black and white designs and print the invitations on regular paper instead of card stock.

Order Invitations

If the occasion is extra-special, like a Sweet 16, 21st birthday or other milestone birthday, you may want to put in a little extra effort on the invitations. You can submit your own designs to a local printer for rendering, upload them to a Web-based print shop, or leave the task to a professional altogether. Costs are typically quoted per unit or per quantity of units ($9.99 per 10 invitations, for example).

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