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Unique Birthday Gifts

Find a unique birthday gift idea

Coming up with unique birthday gifts is the goal of everyone who buys a present for someone special on their birthday. However, unique birthday gift ideas are a classic case of "easier said than done," and it's not uncommon for people to rack their brains for weeks trying to come up with that perfect one-of-a-kind gift.

If that sounds like what you're going through, relax -- you're far from alone. Taking a rational approach to the problem will help you find plenty of great ideas for gifts; think the question through using a systematic approach, rather than just racking your brain over and over and over again.

Generating Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you search for unique birthday gifts:

  • What makes the birthday person unique? Using this as a starting point is an excellent way to come up with a gift that speaks to that uniqueness.
  • What is your relationship with the birthday person? If you're involved romantically, choosing an intimate gift to give privately is a sure way to make it extra-special. If it's a sibling, parent or child, giving a gift that simultaneously expresses your affection yet offers a degree of practicality is a good approach.
  • Does the birthday person have any special hobbies, interests or aspirations? Giving them a gift that will help them perform better at a favorite activity or achieve their goals is an excellent way to show you care.

Ways to Make an Ordinary Gift Extraordinary

Personalized birthday gifts are ever-popular. Simple examples include items like engraved jewelry and custom-made hobby or sporting equipment, but there are endless ways to personalize presents for special people. One extreme example is star-naming; it's now possible for you to have a star named after you. This is becoming an increasingly popular personalized birthday gift between couples as well as a romantic idea for an anniversary gift.

Birthday gag gifts can also be great fun, particularly if the person has reached a milestone birthday. These amusing, cheap birthday gift ideas are a big hit at parties, and can be given in advance of your "real" gift to add to the fun.

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