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Bridal Shower

Fun bridal shower ideas

If a close friend is getting married and the task of planning the bridal shower has fallen into your lap, there are plenty of ways you can make the day a fun-filled and memorable event for all. Planning the event starts with choosing bridal shower themes, creating invitations and deciding on a venue and time for the event. While you may choose to have the wedding shower catered, many women prefer to get together and make the food themselves as a way to bond and to give the party a sense of intimacy and homeliness.

Bridal Shower Ideas

Here are some popular ideas for bridal shower themes:

  • Color themes. One of the simplest ways to create a bridal shower theme is to have the event revolve around a color. If it's spring, whites and light greens make a good choice; pink is also a popular bridal shower color, though you can also go with blue, yellow or any other light, airy hue that the bride-to-be likes.
  • Cooking or baking themes. If the bride-to-be enjoys cooking or baking, then why not have the wedding shower revolve around her favorite pastime? You can give gifts that will help her in the kitchen and create sumptuous treats for all to enjoy.
  • Wedding themes. Deck out the party venue in wedding trappings, and have the guests dress in white. You can have some fun giving saucy gifts that the bride might need on her wedding night as well as throughout her married life, though be sure to keep things appropriate for all guests. Getting too racy might be in poor taste if the bride's future mother in law is attending the event, for example.
  • Baby themes. Though you may be giving a separate baby shower for your friend when she announces that she's expecting her first child, some brides-to-be are already pregnant. If this is the case, you can use a baby theme for the bridal shower and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Bridal shower decorations should be chosen to match the theme. The theme should be indicated on the invitations so that guests are in the know and can choose an appropriate gift that matches the overall flavor of the event.

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