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Bridal Shower Gifts

Find unique bridal shower gift ideas

If a special friend or close family member is soon to be married, chances are you're already racking your brains over the wedding gift. But before the big day arrives, you're going to be taking part in the bride-to-be's wedding shower, which means you'll have to find good ideas for bridal shower gifts long before you worry about the actual wedding.

Ideas for wedding shower gifts range from the sentimental and traditional to the risqué and racy. Many bridal shower gift ideas revolve around promoting a long life of happiness between the couple, while others are decidedly more tongue-in-cheek or even sarcastic. The right gift ultimately depends on your relationship with the bride, the bride's personality and the theme of the wedding.

Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Honeymoon-themed gift baskets, complete with "Do Not Disturb" door hangers, exotic travel brochures and a bottle of champagne
  • Heart-shaped cooking or baking utensils
  • Cookbooks specially written for couples
  • A wedding scrapbook or photo album for the upcoming pictures
  • Cute or racy "Here Comes the Bridge" pajamas or unmentionables

Fun gag gifts include his and hers "wake up and smell the coffee" mugs, funny gifts for the husband-to-be like a "Help with the Housework" tool belt, and even toys for the bedroom! When choosing a bridal shower gift, though, always keep good taste in mind -- you don't want to go over the top if the bride's mother or future mother-in-law will be attending. Before you buy any particularly daring gag gifts, make sure you know who will (and just as importantly, who will not) be attending the wedding shower.

These are just a few bridal shower gift ideas; you may decide to go in with several other party guests on a larger, nicer item. If there are enough of you, it might be possible for you all to pool together enough money to purchase the flight tickets for the happy couple's honeymoon (provided you know the destination). Regardless, enjoy this special time with the bride; she will treasure the memory of her wedding shower for a lifetime.

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