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First Communion and Confirmation Gifts

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First communion and confirmation are sacred events in the life of a Catholic. The first sacrament in the Catholic Church is baptism, a rite adopted by numerous other Christian churches, but it takes place during infancy. Holy communion and confirmation take place during later childhood and adolescence, and are important reaffirmations of faith in God and belief in the tenets of the Catholicism. It is common for family members to offer first communion and confirmation gifts to children who receive these sacraments.

Traditional Confirmation Gifts

The most traditional type of Catholic confirmation gift for both children and adults is any item that will help them learn more about the Catholic faith. This includes a Bible, rosary, catechisms and crosses with influential inscriptions. Other ideas include prayer books, bracelets and necklaces.

A child being confirmed requires a sponsor, typically a close family member or godparent, to witness the vow he or she swears before the bishop. It is thoughtful (but not required) for the sponsor to offer the young person a confirmation gift; money or jewelry (watches, rings and necklaces with crucifixes) are often given.

First Communion Gifts

Again, traditional first holy communion gifts include religious items and keepsakes; a leather-bound copy of the Bible is a common choice, as it's something that the young person can treasure throughout his or her life. Most often, family members give gifts that will become part of the young person's first holy communion outfit, be it a gown or a suit; jewelry and other accessories are common choices.

However, as first communion takes place during fairly early childhood, you may wish to use the opportunity to make this important event an instructive one as well. Make a donation to a charity in the child's name and use the opportunity to teach the child about the importance of community service, as it is an important part of his or her faith as a Catholic.

Both sacraments are usually followed by parties involving close family members. Invite aunts, uncles and cousins over to congratulate the newly confirmed young person and to offer best wishes to a child making his or her first communion.

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