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First Communion Dresses

Traditional first communion dresses for girls

One of the most significant times in a young Catholic's spiritual journey occurs when first communion is received. This sacrament marks the first time a person receives the Eucharist, which is the fundamental way in which Catholics share in the death and resurrection of Christ to prepare for their own eventual entries into Heaven. Shopping for first communion dresses is a great way for parents and daughters to bond as this important spiritual event approaches.

First Communion Gowns

When it comes to shopping for a first holy communion dress, comfort and fit are essential. First communion gowns and dresses come in a wide range of styles, though traditionally, they are full-length white dresses with short or long sleeves. You may also add first communion veils, though these are optional. Most often, a first communion dress will look similar to a wedding gown, only in a miniature version.

You can also opt for a modern look, which typically shortens the length a little and aims for smoother lines. Traditional first communion dresses are white, but cream or yellow are also acceptable if you want to update your daughter's look.

First Communion Suits

For a boy, a first communion suit is a classic choice. A full three-piece suit with a necktie or bowtie is a classic choice; for the color, choose white, black or navy blue, and don't be afraid to add a splash of color by choosing a bright necktie or handkerchief.

First Communion Accessories

The perfect accessory for little boys is the tie. You can purchase white, navy or black ties that include a cross, chalice, rosary, etc. in the design. Armbands are also a popular choice for your little gentleman.

Accessories for boys include necklaces, tiepins and cufflinks. In addition to first communion veils, girls can wear totes, rosaries, capes and gloves. First communion usually marks the first time a girl will ever wear a veil -- and the last until her wedding day, and you can even add a headband or tiara if you like. Most accessories are white or silver to commemorate the purity and importance of the occasion.

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