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Class Rings

Graduation rings make perfect mementoes

Ordering class rings represents the culmination of an important phase of life, and wearing high school and college class rings shows solidarity and perpetuates a lasting bond with the friends and peers who stood by you on your journey. Graduation rings are symbols of achievement, dedication and good character, and should be worn proudly, not only on graduation day, but going forward in life.

College and high school class rings are typically provided by companies that have an affiliation with your school, but not always. They can also be ordered online, or you can send them to a personalization jeweler to have them altered and tailored just for you.

Personalizing Graduation Rings

Personalizing class rings includes choosing the color, size and setting of the stone, and whether or not you want to add any accentuations. In many cases, students personalize their class rings with their own birthstones, or with gemstones in the school's colors. You can have inscriptions engraved on the inside of the band, or put your name and graduation year there. Some rings have enough space for you to add engravings on each side of the stone centerpiece, too, so you can add any other information you wish -- sports or clubs you participated in, special honors you achieved, or anything else that will immortalize your high school or college years.

School Ring Companies

In most cases, representatives of the company that provides your school rings will come to visit, offering pamphlets that explain the various rings and options available. Sometimes, the same company that provides the rings also offers the iconic graduation cap and gown outfit for your school, so you might be able to get a discount if you order both simultaneously.

High school and college rings may also be available at a discount if you order early, so be sure to act quickly and avoid waiting until the last minute. Quantities may also be limited, so if there's a particular ring that's caught your eye, you're best to reserve yours early.

You are not obligated to personalize your ring through the company that sells the ring to you in the first place. If you'd prefer to work with a different jewelry engraver, or if you can find a better deal, you're free to explore your options.

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