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If graduation is just around the corner, now is the time to send out graduation announcements to friends and family to let them know that the big day will soon arrive. When it comes to creating graduation announcements, you essentially have two choices: to have professionals make them for you, or to save some money and make your own. Both choices have advantages and disadvantages, and a lot will come down to your budget, style and desired number of announcements.

Graduation Announcement Options

Create text-only or photo graduation announcements one of two ways:

  • The professional choice. Professional printers will gladly make announcements and graduation invitations for you. For added convenience, you can use an online service that will not only print up professional and cheap graduation invitations or announcements, but will also send them to the people on your invite list. You can use these services to invite friends and family to the formal graduation ceremony, or if you're in charge of creating invitations to a graduation party. Photo graduation announcements will cost you a little more, but will look great when professionally printed and they make nice keepsakes for grandparents and other relatives.
  • Create your own graduation invitations or announcements. Cheap graduation invitations and announcements can also be made using simple word processors and digital imaging software; you can also use Web-based software if you don't have these programs. You'll only need basic computer savvy and a printer to make your own graduation announcements or invitations, and you can choose from a wide range of styles, fonts, colors and layouts.

Graduation Party Invitations

Your graduation party invitations can also be inexpensively made using basic computer software, or you can even download and print open-source template invitations from an online source and make whatever adjustments are necessary. One thing you may want to incorporate, though, is the theme of your prom or the motto of your graduating class on the party invitations. This adds a touch of formality to the occasion and underscores the significance of your achievements.

You can also create graduation party invitations online and distribute them via email if you don't have the budget to print up actual cards. This is a quick and easy way to keep tabs on who's coming and who can't make it, giving party planners an additional tool for managing the big event.

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