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Find a beautiful graduation dress

With all the parties and ceremonies going on during graduation time, you'll need a striking graduation dress so your look is up to the occasion. Like *prom dresses, you have all kinds of options when it comes to graduation dresses, and the one that's right for you depends on your personality and the look you're going for. From traditional gowns to off-the-shoulder looks, the choice is yours.

Popular Styles for Graduation Dresses

Here are graduation dress ideas for every occasion and taste:

  • White graduation dresses. Over the years, white graduation dresses have been the standard. They have a fresh, clean and traditional look, and are typically worn to at least knee length. Given that graduations occur in spring, white makes a safe and conservative choice, and it's also flattering to a wide range of figures.
  • 8th grade graduation dresses. For an eighth grade graduation, choose soft colors and loose, free-flowing materials. White and off-white are the most common colors and shades of 8th grade graduation dresses, and the looks tend to be conservative and modest above all else.
  • Graduation ceremony dresses. For the actual ceremony itself, choose conservative graduation dresses, remembering that you will be covered up by your graduation cap and gown for most of the evening. This makes linen a good choice; it is cool and comfortable.
  • Graduation party dresses. Here is where you have the most freedom to choose a dress that matches your personality. If you are going to be attending a graduation party with your friends, it's likely to be a formal or semi-formal event; even so, you can get a little more stylish and daring with the dress you choose to wear to the occasion. Choose something tasteful, but feel free to get a little bolder and opt for a piece with more flair and style.
  • Cocktail dress for graduation. Along those lines, you can get cocktail dresses for graduation parties that look chic and adventurous. Black is the classic color for a cocktail dress, but you can also lighten things up and choose a hue or tone that's more suited to the springtime.

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