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Graduation Gifts

Great grad gifts to celebrate your achievement

If someone close to you has graduated from high school or college, rewarding their achievements with graduation gifts is a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. Gifts for graduation can be things they will need if they are pursuing further studies or will be transitioning into the work world; you can also give grad gifts that will help them commemorate the years they spent in school as they move forward in life.

Ideas for Graduation Presents

One of the most popular graduation gifts is a photo set, featuring professionally taken grad photos mounted in frames and including smaller prints that the graduate can distribute to other family members and friends. While there is an increasing move towards digital photography and online distribution of photographs, a set of quality prints is irreplaceable. Personalized photo albums make great companion gifts if you're going to be giving a set of grad photo prints.

Class rings are also tremendously popular grad gifts. If you want to give one to your son or daughter, contact the school to find out when orders are being placed. Ordering is typically handled through a school's administration office, and the rings themselves usually arrive in time for the graduation ceremony (or shortly thereafter). Make sure you act early to avoid missing any ordering deadlines; contact the school at the beginning of the student's final semester to find out when orders need to be placed.

For college-bound high school graduates, giving gifts that will help them make the transition to dorm life easier are excellent. These can include practical items, like bedding and bookends, or furnishings or decorations for their rooms. In case you're stuck for ideas, gift cards and even cash are good gifts -- college students have a notoriously hard time making ends meet, so a little extra money can go a very long way.

Other traditional ideas include desk sets, fountain pens, writing cases, and autograph and memory books. However, if you have the budget, getting your son or daughter a new laptop computer or cell phone can really help them be productive and stay connected in their later studies or life.

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