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Graduation Parties

Celebrate a high school or college graduation

Graduation parties are part and parcel of the celebrations that follow the completion of studies at a high school or university. You and your friends have achieved something special and significant, and you should celebrate! Gathering together for one last social occasion before you go on with your lives creates memories that will last and become more and more special with each passing year.

High School Graduation Parties

A party following your high school graduation is a great chance to see all your friends before you head off to college, trade school or the working world. You've spent the last four years with these friends -- more if you went to primary school together -- and you should enjoy this social event.

College Graduation Parties

If you've joined a fraternity or sorority during your college years, the task of party planning may fall to the collective rather than to the individual. However, if you're going to throw a university graduation party of your own, proper planning is a must. Make sure that all guests have completed their exams and final projects before the party date to ensure nobody has the looming specter of stressful final schoolwork preventing their full enjoyment of the event.

Graduation Party Safety

Here are some tips to follow to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe at their graduation parties:

  • A pool party is a great idea, but make sure everyone is capable of swimming and that a certified lifeguard is available in case of emergency
  • Do not permit guests under the age of 21 to drink alcohol at your graduation party
  • Ensure everyone has a safe ride home; distribute the telephone number of a local taxi service to anyone who may need to make alternate arrangements
  • Keep invitations under wraps to prevent anyone you don't want at the party from showing up; in the age of social networking, this is more of a problem than it ever has been in the past
  • Be aware that you will be responsible for any damage caused by a graduation party held at a rental property; it's best to check with your landlord first to make sure he or she doesn't mind graduation parties being held on the premises
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