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Capture the moment with graduation photos

Graduation photos stay with you for a lifetime, reminding you of the boundless possibilities of your youth and your ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. When it comes to graduation pictures, you should spare no effort or expense to make sure they're perfect. Most times, professional photographers are arranged by the school's graduation photography committee, but it still helps to keep some tips and pointers in mind to make sure you look your best in your photos.

Graduation Photography

The traditional approach to graduation photos is quite straightforward and hasn't changed a whole lot over the decades. Students put on a graduation cap and gown, and pose for a photographer who will take numerous shots from a relatively head-on angle. Students then choose which take they like the best, order prints of various sizes and put them on display when they arrive.

Of course, you are free to take your own graduation photos if you like; this opens the door to many more possibilities. Pose alone or with your friends outside the school, or in a classroom. Wear street clothes, school T-shirts or school colors in the pictures, and get creative and fun with the poses and camera angles.

Your Graduation Photo Frame

Quality graduation picture frames are necessary, given the amount of effort and expense you put into the photos themselves. It's important that the photos look classy and impressive, no matter where you choose to display them. Select quality frames with sturdy glass panels and reliable mounts or backings to make sure they stay where you put them, and only buy frames that are designed for use with prints of the appropriate size.

Photo Montages

Digital graduation photos can be arranged in montages, which you can play both online or with the help of digital picture frames. In a graduation photography montage, still images are stored on a memory card or a DVD, which is connected with the digital photo frame. These frames have specialized LCD screens instead of regular glass panes, and they play your photos on a loop, cycling through each image at predetermined and adjustable intervals (typically a few seconds per image).

One advantage of digital graduation photos is that they're easy to share. Just create on online photo album or email them to friends and family!

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