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Have a memorable prom night

Prom night is typically one of the most memorable nights of a person's high school years, and the prom is something many young people think about before they even start the ninth grade. It is a celebration of graduation from high school and an opportunity to enjoy one last special night with all your closest friends before life takes you all off in different directions.

If you're the parent of a teen, you can help plan a safe and entertaining prom party before or after the actual dance. Choosing a prom theme is one of the first things you'll do if you're planning a party, and input from your son or daughter will help you make a timely and trendy decision.

Planning for Prom Night

Here are some tips for planning the actual prom event itself:

  • Begin your planning early! You have to book the venue, caters, photographers and DJ far in advance -- as much as eight months to a year. Get started at the beginning of senior year!
  • Choose a location. Some schools use the same venue year in and year out, but if it's up to the graduating class, look at local banquet halls and hotel ballrooms.
  • Choose a photographer. A good photographer is extremely important on prom night, as these photos will last a lifetime.
  • Choose a theme! This will help you select prom decorations as well. Some popular prom themes over the years include "I Will Remember You," "Always and Forever," "Never Let Go," "In the Still of the Night," "Unforgettable," and "Under the Sea."
  • Work on the prom decorations. Once you've selected your prom theme, go ahead and start collecting the party supplies. You can also purchase pre-assembled prom kits, but they can be very expensive. Recruit parents to help out to keep costs and labor time at a minimum.

You should also plan a safe place to hold an alcohol-free prom after party. This can even be the highlight of the night, giving everyone a chance to be together in a more intimate setting. Safety on prom night is very important, though, so make sure that everyone has a safe ride home so that nothing ends up spoiling the party.

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