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When it comes to prom night, you've got to pay attention to the little details. Of course, you should take the time to pick the perfect prom dress or tuxedo, hairstyle or haircut, but you should also put a lot of care and thought into your prom accessories. It's the little touches that make a big difference when it comes to pulling your whole outfit together. Popular accessories include prom purses and prom handbags for girls, prom jewelry like rings and necklaces for both sexes, and cuff links, tiepins, watches and handkerchiefs for boys.

Prom Jewelry

For girls, prom jewelry should never be chosen without considering how it matches up with your prom dress and prom shoes. As a general rule, choose prom jewelry that enhances your outfit but doesn't completely overpower it or provide too much of a distraction. Go for balance and counterbalance, too; if your necklace is bright and glittering, choose a dress that's understated and monotone. Should you want to adorn your arms and wrists with bracelets, pick quieter earrings and necklaces.

Prom Purses

A stylish prom purse or handbag is a must-have accessory. Make sure that your purse matches your look as well as your date's, yet is easy to carry, discreet and dainty. Choose purses and prom handbags that are big enough for essentials like money, lip gloss and a little refresher makeup, but avoid bringing a big bag along with you. This can take away from your carefully planned outfit and be cumbersome during your big night.

More Prom Accessories

Some other prom accessories you might want to add to your outfit include prom garters and body jewelry for girls, and classy handkerchiefs, watches, rings and cufflinks for boys. Many girls also top off their look with hair accessories, like barrettes, rhinestones, clips and tiaras. Again, the rule with hair accessories is not to overpower the style itself. If you've invested a lot of time or money into getting your hair just right, let it do most of the speaking for itself by choosing understated accessories. If you want a striking or elaborate hair accessory, go with a simpler, more classic hairstyle.

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