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While selecting a prom corsage or boutonniere may seem easy, the truth is that it's a chance to show how well you pay attention to the little details. If you're going to the prom with a special someone, taking the time to choose the right prom flowers shows how much you care and how important it is that you look your absolute best, from your outfit right down to the tiniest details.

The cardinal rule of choosing a corsage and boutonniere is to follow your date's lead. Find out the color and style of her prom dress and choose a wrist corsage that will match. Knowing how your date will be dressed will also help you pick the perfect prom tuxedo and boutonniere.

Types of Corsages

The two main types of corsages are prom wrist corsages and traditional corsages. Traditional variants are typically pinned to the lapel, but the vast majority of girls prefer wrist corsages as an accessory to highlight but not detract attention from their dresses.

Choosing a Prom Corsage

Today, most prom dresses have no straps or thin bikini straps, making the wrist the most popular place to put a prom corsage. While pinning a corsage on your date's dress was once considered a must for couples attending the prom, the prom wrist corsage has become the standard.

If you know the color of your date's dress, don't restrict yourself to getting a corsage of the same color. Rather, you want to focus on getting a prom corsage of a matching or complementary color. White prom flowers are always a safe bet, but cream-colored flowers go very well with red dresses and add a splash of light color to a black dress. Of course, you should always ask her if she would prefer a corsage of a certain color before buying one.


Usually, girls' prom flowers contain several plants, but for boys, only one flower is worn in the boutonniere that accompanies his prom tuxedo or suit. The easiest rule of thumb to follow when it comes to choosing a boutonniere is to get one that matches not only your suit, but also your date's prom flowers. This guarantees you'll make a match and look great for the cameras!

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