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For your prom makeup, you'll want to select a dramatic and impactful look, but one that also strikes the right balance between tasteful and attention-grabbing. Your prom make up should also be carefully selected to match your dress, shoes, hairstyle and the other fashion accessories you'll be sporting on the big night.

There are several ways to highlight your prom look with makeup, whetehr you prefer to stay natural or go dramatic. Some knowledge of complementary colors and basic application techniques will be all you need to get the flawless look you're after.

Applying Makeup for Prom

If you need some prom makeup tips, here are a few classic prom makeup ideas to help get you started on finding your own unique style:

  • For the base: The first thing you should do before putting on any prom makeup is to apply an SPF moisturizer. Dab it on in little dots on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, then blend it into your skin. This will keep your skin moist and protected from the sun all day and night.
  • For your cheeks: Choose a blush that matches your skin tone. Use your cheekbones as the base for the blush, then work it in with a soft brush to spread it across your skin.
  • For your eyes: You may be tempted to focus intensely on your eye makeup, but in many cases, less is more. Keep the focus on your dress and shoes by selecting an understated but striking look for your eyes.
  • Beautiful brows: Use a specialized eyebrow brush or and old toothbrush to get your brows into the ideal shape. First, brush upward, then set your with a little styling gel, wax or molding paste.
  • Prom lipstick: If you have a light complexion, choose a rosy brown shade; if your skin tone is darker, copper and rusty red shades work better. Keep the color balanced throughout your lips, and most importantly, choose a color that closely matches your dress or prom shoes.

More Prom Makeup Tips

Keep your makeup in place with a little fixing powder. To inspect your handiwork, take a good long look at yourself under a direct, bright incandescent light. Fluorescent light will not accurately render your skin tone in the mirror and thus won't allow you to adequately judge how your prom makeup really looks.

Follow these tips, and voila! You'll look fantastic for the biggest night of your life.

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