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Family reunion games and mementos

Few kinds of parties simultaneously have as much potential for fun, joy and disaster as a family reunion. Depending on the size of your family, planning a family reunion can be as all-consuming as planning a wedding, so just be prepared for the fact that, from the moment the family reunion invitations go out until the moment you lay out the open guestbook ready to be filled with attendees' signatures, you'll be eating, sleeping and dreaming family reunion ideas and preparations.

The Importance of Family Reunion Games

Playing games at your family reunion does way more than stave off boredom. Indoor games like cards and Pictionary provide a structured situation in which family members who don't know each other very well, or who may have only met that day, can converse and get to know each other. Playing on the same team is a bonding experience that builds comradery.

That's true of outdoor games, as well. Family reunion picnics create the ideal circumstances for a three-legged race, a beanbag toss or a friendly game of softball. Active games also allow for observations about genetic similarity, such as how very many left-handed beanbag throwers and softball batters there are in the family.

Family Reunion T-Shirts and Souvenirs

Another element of a family reunion that can unite people with a sense of family pride is handing out family reunion T-shirts to everyone, like big party favors. Some people are bound to put the T-shirt on then and there and wear it for the duration of the reunion.

It could be something as simple as "[LAST NAME] Family Reunion 2012" in black print on the back of a white T-shirt, and maybe a family saying or slogan below, if there happens to be one that's well known and used by a lot of family members.

Alternatively, you could make voting on the design of the T-shirts (or barbecue aprons or other wearable souvenir) a game at the reunion, and have them printed up and distributed afterward.

A personalized thank you card or post card featuring a family photo from the reunion is sure to be a treasured souvenir and is the perfect follow-up after the event.

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