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Homecoming dresses and hairstyles

Homecoming is an exciting time for past and present students alike. For past students, the chance to visit their old stomping grounds is a treasured one that brings a flood of memories from another time. For present students, homecoming encourages school pride and provides the opportunity for them to see and feel the legacy they are a part of.

Homecoming is also exciting because it can be filled with so many fun activities, both for the young people and for those who feel young again, including the two most important activities of all, the ones that define a homecoming: the homecoming football game and the homecoming dance.

Considerations for Homecoming Dresses

The homecoming dance is a special and fun yet formal occasion, and you want your look to reflect that. Your homecoming dress can be as glammed up or as simple, as cutting edge or as traditional as you like, but just like a prom dress, it has to be formal and it has to be something you feel beautiful in. It should also be comfortable so that you can hit the dance floor when the DJ starts to play.

Homecoming hairstyles can vary as much as dress styles. Long and loose looks great with shorter, strapless party dresses, while homecoming updos, complete with mini tiara or hairpins, are a better way to go with halter-style dresses and ball gowns.

Homecoming Mums

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that's certainly the case with homecoming chrysanthemums. What was once a simple gift of a pinned corsage has become a humungous tradition -- and a tradition of humungous corsages. These days, homecoming mums look more like they should be stuck on the front door at Christmastime than stuck to a young woman's chest.

If you think you will be wearing a homecoming mum, then make allowances for it when you are dress shopping. Try to choose a color that complements the school colors that will no doubt make up the ribbons of your mum. Don't choose a style that's too low-cut, as you don't want the weight of the homecoming mum to be pulling your dress down to an embarrassing degree in the front. Also, don't choose a dress with beautiful beaded or embroidered detailing across the front -- no one will see it.

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