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Bachelor Party

Throw a bachelor party for the ages

The bachelor party, also called the stag party, is a male rite of passage and usually includes cigars, drinking, toasting and some sort of activity. Generally, the bachelor party is planned by the best man, but sometimes the event is planned by a group of friends or relatives of the groom.

Bachelor Party Basics

The night before the wedding is not the best choice for a bachelor party; a few weeks before the wedding is preferable to allow for recovery time. However, if many guests are traveling from out of town for the wedding, then one or two nights prior to the wedding may be best. Bachelor party invitations can be mailed or e-mailed, or even communicated via telephone. Be sure to invite guests at least a few weeks in advance of the party date, especially if there will be travel involved.

Gag gifts for a bachelor party are a traditional part of the celebration and can include customized t-shirts or funny hats or ties. Bachelor party games are usually played at some point during the party; some alternatives are drinking games, card games (for example, a poker party) and casino games (especially in the case of a Las Vegas bachelor party or Reno bachelor party).

The bachelor party stripper used to be a requirement, but nowadays, many men opt for alternative forms of entertainment, such as paintball or laser tag. Other bachelor party ideas include a trip to the batting cages or driving range, or tickets to the groom's favorite sporting event.

Popular Bachelor Party Venues

It's probably easiest to hold the party at someone's house, but this limits the options for entertainment. More commonly, bachelor parties take place at a local sporting or entertainment venue, or one or more local bars or gentlemen's clubs. If the party involves travel, a designated driver or some form of hired transportation is important to arrange in advance.

If time and money allow, an evening or weekend out of town is an enjoyable and exciting celebration. Popular U.S. destinations include Reno, Las Vegas and Atlantic City; or, hold a Canadian bachelor party in Montreal.

Another popular trend in bachelor parties is to have an adventure theme, where the party is planned around a skydiving, fishing or rafting excursion. Check the Yellow Pages or Internet for a venue near you, or combine this adventure with an out-of-town bachelor party.

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